The most difficult path

It is said that the most difficult path to walk on is the one that leads to the Divine. Despite that, we must walk on it, if not now, then later – all roads lead to Him eventually and no matter how many tracks on the side look inviting and alluring, it is inevitable that one will return to the Highway.

This is not something new – we all know of it. But at times, our own cleverness comes in the way of this walk, for knowing fully well that we will return from our side excursions, we tend to take more and more detours. “Why not?”, says the mind. “It is certain that I shall be on my way again, and so a look here and a peep there can’t harm.”

One would even say that these jaunts into sidelanes are necessary for they teach much. That is true but is it imperative to learn every lesson in the book? If it is, then can one say how many pages the Book of Life has?

There comes a point when we must dive deep within ourselves in search of that grain of gold and having found it, we must cling to it so that it will stop us from turning into every lane that beckons. Stand at the turn. Pause. Clench the talisman. And perhaps the tempting distraction will disappear. If it does, we will be on our way again. If it doesn’t, we will have to find our way again. The choice is ours alone.

The most difficult path is not the one that leads to the Divine. The most difficult path is the one that takes us away from Him.

~ da newsletter da Sri Aurobindo Society

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