Sâmkhya: Causation as Satkâryavâda

Re-estudando Ayurveda e consequentemente o Sâmkhya. O trecho a seguir é de um site sobre Filosofias da Índia, no capítulo intitulado “Kapila and the Sâmkhya“, e fala como ele vê a famosa lei de Causa e Efeito – que aqui tem o conceito especial do Satkâryavâda.

Causation as Satkâryavâda (the theory that the effect potentially exists before it is generated by the movement of the cause).

The above consideration brings us to an important aspect of the Sâmkhya view of causation as _satkâryavâda_. Sâmkhya holds that there can be no production of a thing previously non-existent; causation means the appearance or manifestation of a quality due to certain changes of collocations in the causes which were already held in them in a potential form. Production of effect only means an internal change of the arrangement of atoms in the cause, and this exists in it in a potential form, and just a little loosening of the barrier which was standing in the way of the happening of such a change of arrangement will produce the desired new collocation — the effect. This doctrine is called _satkâryavâda,_ i.e. that the kârya or effect is _sat_ or existent even before the causal operation to produce the effect was launched. The oil exists in the sesarnum, the statue in the stone, the curd in the milk, The causal operation (_kârakaiyâpâra_) only renders that manifest (_âvirbhûta_) which was formerly in an unmanifested condition (_tirohita_)”

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