The Web versus The Island (NYT)

Matéria de hoje do The New York Times, Why Google Turned Into a Social Butterfly, analisa a estratégia do Google contra o líder “moral” (Facebook) da categoria (socialnetwork) e que inclui, entre seus parceiros, o líder real dela (MySpace), e, talvez mais importante que ele, a própria característica da Web. “Facebook is an island” é a primeira frase da matéria.

“(…) Usually, coalitions are collections of also-rans, trying to challenge the industry leader. Why would MySpace, owned by the News Corporation, elect to throw its considerable influence behind OpenSocial? In the future, its primary competitor might not be Facebook, now No. 2, nor any other island-state, but rather the entire Web, endowed with social-network awareness based on open standards. So far, every time the Web has matched up against a proprietary alternative, the Web has prevailed.”

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