Thou art very dear to me

“He who has surrendered his mind to Me does not seek for the position of Brahma, or that of Indra or an Emperor’s throne or Lordship over the nether regions, or the attainment of Yoga powers or even Moksha from which there is no returning; for he desires nothing else but Myself. Neither Brahma, nor Siva, nor Balarama, nor Lakshmi, nor My own form is so very dear to Me as thou art to Me. I always follow the sage, who desires nothing, is perfectly tranquil, hates none, regards everything equally, in order to purify Myself by the dust of his feet. Those great souls whose mind is not touched by desires, who are absolutely free from sin, who are penniless, serene, and compassionate to all creatures, who are devoted to Me do attain to that limitless blissful state which belongs to Me but not to others.”
~ Sri Krishna, in Lord Krishna, His Lilas and Teachings (by Sri Swami Sivananda)

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