Jon Stewart & o “jornalismo”

“I’m a news anchor. Remember this is bizarro world. And I say, the issue is health care and insurance, and why 40 million American kids don’t have insurance – 40 million Americans are uninsured. Is this health insurance program being debated in Congress good for the country? Let’s debate it. I have with me Donna Brazile and Bay Buchanan. Let’s go. Donna. “I think the Democrats really have it right here. I think that this is a pain for the insurance companies and the drug companies and this is wrong for America.” Bay. “Oh no, what it is…” And then she throws out her figures from the Heritage Foundation, and she throws out her figures from the Brookings Institute, and the anchor — who should be the arbiter of the truth — says, “Thank you both very much, that was very interesting.” No it wasn’t! That was Coke and Pepsi talking about beverage truth. And that game has, I think, caused people to think, “I’m not watching this.” (…)
~ Jon Stewart, do The Daily Show (*)

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