Krishna, friend of all

Krishna, friend of all
“It is true, even as you said, that I am about to leave this earth as my task has been accomplished and my return to Heaven is imminent. As soon as I depart, the age of Kali will begin on Earth and people will progressively turn to Adharma. Such a world is not fit for you to live in. Give up all attachments. Know that the entire world is none other than a projection of one’s own mind; the appearance itself has no true validity. One who is not inwardly at one with the true reality, perceives diversity here and becomes subject to right and wrong action and inaction. Know through self-restraint (yoga) that the whole world is none other than your own Self and has me as its source. When you renounce all ideas of good and evil, you will stop being motivated by the good and evil of your actions. You will not give up evil only because of fear, or do good only out of desire for good results. Your actions will be free of these attachments and spontaneous as those of a child. Then you will never fall in error; seeing the entire infinite universe as your own eternal Self, and you will enjoy inner peace knowing yourself to be the friend of all.”
~ Sri Krishna, no Bhagavad Gita

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  1. says: guaco bey

    elocubrando cá: pra equilibrar a balança bem que algum diretor gente fina lá nas gringolândia podia fazer um “o orgasmo de krishna” pra compensar na mídia essa propaganda falsa de q só sofrimento te leva à Deus que o filminho snuff do mel gibson apregoou…


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