Celebrate, by Osho

“A young man went to be a monk in an ancient respected monastery. He was put to work as a scribe, copying texts.

“Here is one,?” said the abbot, “Brother Jasper has just finished it.”

“But to copy from a copy! There might be errors… shouldn’t I copy the original?”

“You’re right, my son, I’ll go to the cellars and bring it up for you”, said the abbot, and disappeared.

One hour passed, two, three… the monks were alarmed, and went down to the cellars to see what had happened to the abbot. They found him sitting on the floor, an ancient open book before him, weeping copiously.

“Look what I have found”, he cried, “there is an error! For centuries we have been writing CELIBATE, and here it says CELEBRATE.”
~ Osho, grandes histórias Zen

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    olá, nando. infelizmente minha tv a cabo não é net. tenho tva e por isso tive que alugar o filme… =(
    mas obrigada pela visita !!

    hahaha, q legal! :)

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