Krishnamurti sobre a guerra dos ideais e do “passado”

Q“, para Question, “K” para Jiddy Krishnamurti, uma conversa transcrita pela Krishnamurti Foundation of America e publicada na Web (em pdf) sob o título “Krishnamurti on War”. Um trecho:

(…) Q: Isn’t the acting according to a principle or an idea, the past or the future, the major factor of war.
K: Obviously, sir, that’s just it. You’ve understood what the gentleman said? Acting according to a principle, to an ideal, or acting according to your conditioning, is perhaps the major factor of war. So till I have really grasped the whole nature of action, any answer will be contributing to war. I don’t know whether you see that. Because if I act according to the past, the past says I’m a national. The past says you must be loyal to your country, the past says this is a good war, this is a bad war, the past says, your memories, the inheritance of your race says you must fight to survive.
So if I act according to the past I am contributing to war. Or if I’m acting according to the future ideal, I’m contributing to war, because my culture in which I’ve been brought up emphasizes these two. So I have to find out for myself what action is. I see these two are not action, which are contributing to war. So my action then doesn’t belong to this dimension.
Q: Action in the present is love?
K: Is that an idea? How do you know? If you are acting in the past or in the future – why do you call it love? It may be, but why do you – unless you actually live it, don’t call it anything.
Q: I don’t even call it war.
K: Don’t call it war. War means destroying, war means conflict – give it another name but it’s there. Now, sir, have you seen this, have you seen the beauty of this? So a mind that is acting in the past or in the future must contribute to war. A mind that is caught in nationalism, in religious beliefs, rituals, sects and so on, must contribute to war. So have you a mind that doesn’t belong to all this? Then if you have, you are doing the right thing. You are acting.”

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